the MAN who wrote all this..

Marten Postma was born in 1958. In his youth already a passionate tinkerer, he did his grammar school with a great interest in physics; doubter by nature, involuntary perfectionist, amateur musician too.

Marten Postma An interest in acoustics of the saxophone was soon aroused. Practical research into saxophone mouthpieces was begun around 1985 and is carried on until today. Especially research on intonation accuracy and the (possible) relationship with the form of the mouthpiece chamber was an issue.

At some point construction of mouthpieces was begun. At first there were experiments on the existing mouthpieces, later on the manufacturing of own models was added, in which a certain and deliberate research program was executed.

Later on instruments were taken up too. Initially there were changes in ergonomics, but not long afterwards this was complemented with all kinds of experiments on the acoustics and key mechanism of the instrument.

Of late an historical dimension is added. In 2014 there were lectures on early Adolphe Sax bore profiles (Tilbury conservatory, the MIM in Brussels) and studies into later 19th and early 20th century instruments followed, so far resulting in the article on bore shapes in the History-section. Apart from that, there were restorations of numerous antique mouthpieces, enjoying it very much to get these back into a playable condition.