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...documents knowledge that in the course of many years has been gathered both in theory and in practice on the working of the saxophone and is dedicated to the inquisitive musician.

Among musicians little is known about the physics of the saxophone. An ignorance which makes that sometimes stories are being told that do not really fit in with what is actually going on inside the instrument. However, a saxophone is not a mystery, a saxophone obeys the laws of nature. Written as much as possible in daily language, this site seeks to reduce the saxophone to common sense.

At the same time this site presents an initiative both in handcrafting mouthpieces and in modifying instruments. Both fields of productivity have grown out of research into the construction and working of the instrument, combined with a constant workmanship. The same combination from which the saxophone was born and which saxophone players might consider to be their natural habitat.

This website is open to contributions from the outside, especially when it comes to measurements. If you can and want to contribute, please feel free to contact me! There are still various projects to be investigated.

M. Postma |

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and further..

  • I started a new project on short(ened) necks. Read a study in truncation II in the  instruments-section.
  • Read the chapter on the a tribute to Sax alto saxophone!
  • the History-section gives access to various patents as well.
  • pictures of modified saxophones in the instruments-section.
  • “So may thanks for this website. I cannot digest too much of it in one go, but what a treasure-house!”

    - Raaf Hekkema
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