There are many claims in this website. Some of these are substantiated on the spot, others aren't.

This section of the site contains facts and figures that for the most part are given without any further explanation. There are various measurements in various places, sometimes involving the same instruments or the same mouthpieces. It is up to the reader to make connections and reflect.
This is a growing end of the website. From time to time several tables will to be added to, several pages will grow. Beside measurements by myself on the instruments and mouthpieces that crossed my paths, you will also find measurements by others. Here I would like to mention C.J.Nederveen, A. van der Lijn, M. Pors and J. Thole.

  • If you want to contribute, please feel free to do so and contact me! There are still various projects to be investigated.
  • accuracy

    Each time the unit of measurement is given – I use the metrical system of course... Sometimes a decimal is added, sometimes not. Greater accuracy often cannot be justified. Not with mouthpieces because the form mostly is too vague and rounded, which makes an exact determination impossible. Not with instruments or parts thereof because they're often out-of-round: diameters are seldom accurate to within a millimeter. In key heights the soft form of the pads often is a spoilsport. As a rule the values given here can be accounted for. Here you find a description of measurement procedures.