Ligatures are nowadays on the market in all kinds of varieties. All of these constructions aim at reducing the damping on the reed in one way or the other.

A great many of these ligatures are not that user-friendly. The construction that I propose here can be made to size to fit any mouthpiece correctly and can be supplied in a simpler and in a more elaborate version. They are both strong and easy to use..
The simple ligature holds the reed by means of cork rails. The ligature exists out of a pre-shaped synthetic lined with strips of cork. Although it is quite a simple thing, the ligature settles to any possible asymmetry in the cut of the reed. The more elaborate version uses a metal stamp instead of cork:



PVC-tube snugly fitting the mouthpiece


metal stamp




rubber ring


blind nut or locknut

As can be destilled from the drawing, this ligature holds the reed only along its sides with the metal stamp. The grip that's necessary for that, is obtained from the combination of the correct placement of the preformed tube on the mouthpiece and the resilience of the rubber ring. This rubber ring also makes that the metal stamp can settle to any asymmetry in the reed.

The ligature can be drawn easily over the mouthpiece – with the reed in position – until everything sits in place. A quick and confident manoeuvre guaranteeing a reliable fixation of the reed. The left hand holds the reed in place (1); the right hand pulls the ligature backwards (2).

mounting ligature