Changing response without changing a mouthpiece... opening up a mouthpiece table means that some material is taken away out of the surface of the table.

'Opening up' a mouthpiece table opposite the stock of the reed is a treatment that is possible in any mouthpiece. This influences the way in which a mouthpiece responds. Resistance diminishes, it gets easier for the reed to vibrate and as a result the reed produces a slightly brighter timbre.
Also, you will experience less trouble with obstinate reeds. Reeds which, for example, because of the effects of moisture, are no longer exactly flat and therefore make the low range difficult in response. In all mouthpieces – on the clarinet as well – this construction has the same effect. A special ligature which holds the reed along the sides goes along with it.

I perform this treatment in ebonite mouthpieces only.

Mondstuk met geopende tafel a Selmer S80-mouthpiece with an opened table and a matching ligature. As can be seen in the picture, the rear end of the window is closed with a cork bridge. This guarantees the reed both a maximum of freedom of vibration as well as the freedom to swell under the influence of moisture.