It is tempting to just mention a price in this spot, but...

my mouthpieces are all of them individual projects. Musicians are not all the same persons and the requirements they expect their mouthpieces to meet are not the same. That results in mouthpieces that, every one of them, are individually tailored to needs. All mouthpieces go through a process of test playing and correcting. Also, the choice of material ranges from brass or nicklesilver to (partially) stainless steel.

Of all types (satb) a copy is available for test playing, but much more interesting is the 'test series' (as yet only for alto), a series of mouthpieces with all of them have the same tip opening, yet with lay curvatures of a different character. The type of facing which suits you best can be executed in a newly built piece. Such a process of course takes a couple of months to complete.


The simple one, which holds the reed by means of two cork rails, is supplied with the mouthpiece. The other ligature, with the metal stamp, costs € 70,–