A facing has a personality with a great many aspects. That's why refacings always demand a close consultation. Not only the response of an instrument but its sonority as well are determined for a large part by the facing. For this reason alone it is imperative to be clear about the expectations. Whoever buys a mouthpiece does so with its character and all. But when you have your mouthpiece refaced, you have an additional expectation. This makes a complex business subtle as well: sonority namely is very difficult to explain. Naturally, facings are always test played after the job is finshed.

A refacing costs € 110,–.


Mouthpiece tables sometimes turn out not to be flat. Flattening a table costs € 50,–.
'Opening up' a mouthpiece table (including the simple ligature) costs € 75,–.


The ligature with the metal stamp costs € 100,–. The simple version, which holds the reed with two cork rails, is € 25,–. They are both made conform the shape of the mouthpiece, which means in some cases that the mouthpiece itself should be available for correct modelling.